3 Ways Seed-to-Data Software Helps You GROW

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, consistency is key to success, but many commercial grows today are still severely lacking the tools and information needed to optimize all facets of the operation.


FloEnvy is the first seed-to-data solution of its kind. With a platform tailored to growers, the days of manually collecting data on clipboards and tediously keeping spreadsheets updated are in the past.

A seed-to-data solution will streamline your commercial cannabis grows via mobile and web systems which capture each decision on the ground, from logging cultivation variables to managing labor efficiency.

All of the data generated takes the guessing out of growing, and powers reproducible results for you, your partners, and customers.

But that’s just scratching the surface of what FloEnvy’s seed-to-data software brings to the table.

Plan Each Cycle

When you’re a cultivator, planning and executing your grow cycles accurately is imperative.

Whether you’re prepping a new batch of clones or riding out the last few days of flowering, FloEnvy's data collection process revolves around your grow cycles.

Initiating a new cycle and adding employees to the timeline is easy, and the tasks will automatically appear on the FloEnvy’s Scheduler and Mobile App in seconds.

All of the data collected will be linked to that cycle by using a “Cycle ID” and can be reviewed at any time, even after the particular cycle has ended, making logging and reporting on data a breeze.

The Cycle feature also enables you to review and modify each of your operation's plant batches, enabling side-by-side comparisons of each strain that has made it to harvest.

If you've grown a specific strain more than once, you can even analyze data on how it has performed across different batches, making it easy to create a playbook or SOP for your cultivation team when planning future cycles.

Track Employee Performance

While on the topic of teams, FloEnvy helps motivate and engage your employees by providing personalized reports that include productivity rates, average shift durations, and a range of key performance indicators that keep your employees on track. 

FloEnvy also monitors employee task completion rates, allowing you to compare productivity levels individually or among teams.

Common metrics that our customers track are: task completion rate, hours worked, hours scheduled, and even the number of RFID tags scanned. 

 The Dashboard allows you to view your employee's movement across sites to effectively visualize labor patterns and ensure consistency across grow cycles too.

In fact, Shadow from Oregon Cannabis Collective said FloEnvy “helps work out the kinks of our scheduling conflicts, and tracks our hours worked vs. our revenue at that time... I love that it saves us so many hours a week with our scheduling needs. And they work hard with Metrc so I don't have to!”

“I love that [FloEnvy] saves us so many hours a week with our scheduling needs. And they work hard with Metrc so I don't have to!”

Metrc Integration

Speaking of integrations, FloEnvy fully integrates with Metrc by utilizing their API to the full extent. Like Shadow mentioned, this delivers an immediate ROI to all staff members, especially Cultivation Directors and Compliance Managers.  

Dedicated pages can be created for every plant batch with built-in file storage, all your lab reports can instantly be shared with an agronomists.

Centralize your cultivation so you never have to dig through scattered folders to find the data you need. FloEnvy makes it simple to tag and label files as well, enabling search across thousands of documents to find the one you're looking for.

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